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The Ulysses Conservation and Sustainability Advisory Council is formed to research and recommend policies, procedures, and practices to enable the Town to manage and protect its natural resources, and promote environmental sustainability. The Advisory Council will operate under the guidelines of NYS GML Article 12-F section 239-x, regulations for Conservation Advisory Councils and focus on areas consistent with the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and other relevant Town, County, and State planning documents, key elements of New York State’s Cleaner Greener Communities initiative, and relevant to current and proposed Town laws. 
Composition and Appointment of Members: 
The Council was initially established by Town Board resolution through April 26, 2016. The Chair, and 2-9 additional members were appointed by separate resolutions. On January 4th, 2018, the Town Board voted to continue the Council and renewed board member terms through 2019.

Scope of work: 
The Council will propose and is free to modify its annual work plan, and submit it to the Town Board for authorization. The Chair will work with the Town Board to prioritize Council projects. The Council is free to work on issues as a whole or in task groups, but any actions being recommended to the Town Board or its Zoning Update Steering Council should have the endorsement of a majority of the appointed members of the Conservation and Sustainability Advisory Council.
Suggested 2016-17 Projects and Topic Areas:
  • Research and recommend alternative energy ordinances or amendments for the Town Zoning Law (including wind and water).
  • Review new solar panel regulations and propose revisions as needed.
  • Recommend to the Zoning Update Committee any zoning changes that would encourage conservation and/or sustainability, focusing as first priority on the areas considered within the Zoning Update project currently underway.
  • Research and advise on the feasibility of creating a local municipal solar farm or local utility.
  • Assist the Town Planner and Board in creating inventories and maps of open lands and wetlands within the Town, and recommend to the Town Board ecologically suitable uses for all such areas.
  • Research and recommend possible ordinance banning plastic grocery bags and Styrofoam.
  • Review the recommendations of the inter-municipal Residential Energy Score Program.
  • Research ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase climate change resilience using NYS Climate Smart Communities guidelines and resources; work with Town Board on possible adoption of the Climate Smart Community pledge and implementation of action items therein.
  • Assist with public education on conservation and sustainability initiatives and financing opportunities to local residents and businesses.
  • Review water resource issues as they will be influenced by climate change; consider the need for a water resource protection plan for the Town. 
Resources from the Town:
The Town’s Planner has a full work plan and cannot staff the Council, but can provide technical assistance as time permits.  The Council shall keep its own meeting notes and may schedule the conference room and use the copier at the Town Hall.  Town staff can assist with preparation of the Council annual report for submission to the NYS commissioner of environmental conservation.
The Council shall make bimonthly reports through the Town Board liaison or privilege of the floor and may request time on the Town Board agenda for presentations when making recommendations.
Current members:

name:                                           contact info:                           term:
Roxanne Marino, chair rmm3@cornell.edu until 12/31/21
Bara Hotchkiss barahotchkiss@gmail.com until 12/31/21
Robert Oswald robert.oswald@gmail.com until 12/31/21
Andy Hillman andrew.hillman@davey.com  until 12/31/21
Marc Devokaitis mdevokaitis@gmail.com until 12/31/21
Terry Carroll


until 12/31/21

Meetings are held at 7pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the town hall.

Agendas Minutes
3-26-2019 3-26-2019
2-6-2019 2-6-2019
1-22-2019 1-22-2019
12-3-2018 12-3-2019
10-30-18 9-25-2018
8-28-2018 8-28-2018
6-27-2018 6-27-2018
5-23-2018 5-23-2018
4-25-2018 4-25-2018
4-12-2018 4-12-2018
3-14-2018 (meeting cancelled)
2-15-2018 2-15-2018
1-11-2018 1-11-2018
1-3-2018 1-3-2018
10-26-2018 10-26-2017
9-20-2017 9-20-2017
8-17-2017 8-17-2017
6-15-2017 6-15-2017
3-30-2017 3-30-2017
3-8-2017 3-8-2017
1-19-2017 1-19-2017
12-28-2016 12-28-2016
11-17-2016 11-17-2016
10-13-2016 10-13-2016
9-15-2016 9-15-2016
8-25-2016 8-25-2016
7-11-2016 7-11-2016
6-7-2016 6-7-2016