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A Town of Ulysses / Village of Trumansburg municipal partnership aimed at increasing access to green technologies by providing information about available products, services, and financial incentives, as part of the NYS Clean Energy Communities Leadership Program
Love the environment, saving money and helping the community?
We have a great opportunity for you to do all three at once! The Town of Ulysses and the Village of Trumansburg have teamed up to run community campaigns, informing their residents of options when it comes to clean energy and improving the efficiency and comfort of their homes. Together, the Town and Village will be hosting webinars, distributing printed information, spreading the word on social media and word of mouth, and hosting  a visit or two from Get Your Green Back Tompkins’ Power House, to help residents become more informed about how they can save money and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 
Best of all, your actions can help the community get funding for more clean energy actions! If the Town and Village get 10 residents to sign up for community solar, each municipality will receive a $5,000 grant for future clean energy projects. Similarly, if 10 residents install heat pumps or do prescribed energy efficiency work on their homes, the municipalities will also receive $5,000.
This is a great chance for residents to save money on their energy bills, help reduce their own carbon footprint, and to help the Town and Village continue their march towards a more sustainable future and New York’s clean energy goals. 

Need help with winter warmth and summer cooling? 
Need a new hot water heater?
Need to seal some drafts and increase insulation?

Photos: New heat pump units at Ulysses Town Hall.
To explore high-efficiency heat pump options, building envelope improvement opportunities, learn about the available funding options for all income levels, and / or sign up for a free, no-obligation energy assessment, contact our campaign partner HeatSmart Tompkins here, or at 850-291-5259. 
Another partner resource:  Get your GreenBack Tompkins provides free energy advising to help residents reduce energy use, save money, and switch to renewables.

Interested in going solar for your electricity, without installing panels?
Want to support clean, locally generated electricity?


Community solar allows New York residents who do not have solar panels to subscribe to solar energy supplied by a local solar farm to a utility company (NYSEG in our area).  You continue to receive your monthly electric bill.  The solar energy that your subscription share produces will appear as credits, reducing the amount owed to NYSEG.  There are flexible options and payment terms. 
Resource information on projects enrolling customers in our NYSEG area
Community Solar FAQs

Have questions or need more information on how you can sign up for Community Solar and start saving money?  
These folks are happy to help:

Gerri Wiley, Energy Navigator:  607-342-3159    gerriwiley@yahoo.com                             
Cornell Cooperative Extension Energy Team:  http://ccetompkins.org/energy
Have you recently begun or completed a home heating and cooling project, or signed up for community solar?
Please help the Town and Village access grant funding by giving us some basic information about your project here (information will be used exclusively for this campaign): Ulysses Campaigns tracking form