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Proclamation of Arbor Week: April 19-26, 2021

RESOLUTION # 2021-87:
WHEREAS, the Town of Ulysses Comprehensive Plan highlights in its Vision Statement pride in the natural environment, and, with several of its policy objectives, puts forth the intention to honor, preserve, and celebrate the Town’s natural resources and beauty, as well as to promote efforts to support sustainability, and
WHEREAS, the Arbor Day holiday, first proposed in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton as a special time set aside for the planting of trees, is now observed throughout the nation and the world, and
WHEREAS, trees can reduce the erosion of precious topsoil, cut heating and cooling losses, moderate the temperature, produce essential oxygen, cleanse the air, and provide habitat for wildlife, and
WHEREAS, trees are an important renewable resource that enhances property values and economic vitality for businesses and agriculture within the community, and are a source of joy and spiritual renewal wherever they are planted, now therefore be it
RESOLVED, upon recommendation of the Town of Ulysses Conservation and Sustainability Advisory Committee, that the Ulysses Town Board does hereby proclaim April 19-26th, 2021 as Arbor Week, an expansion of National Arbor Day, and that
All citizens are encouraged to join the Town Board in celebrating our bountiful natural resources during this week, by planting trees to gladden the hearts of our citizenry and to promote the well-being of this and future generations, and by supporting efforts to protect our woodlands and natural environments, and
Further, during Arbor Week, the Town of Ulysses officially recognizes Earth Day, April 22, 2021 and joins with governments and organizations all across the country in a united call to citizens for creativity, innovation, and ambition toward meeting the increasing environmental challenges our communities face, and to support local actions to protect and restore the health of the planet.
Vote: 5-0
Date Adopted: 4/13/21