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Bid Award for Water District 3 Aerator Project

On June 23, the Town of Ulysses awarded a bid for it's Water District 3 Aerator Project:

 WHEREAS, the Town of Ulysses has been notified by the Tompkins County Health Department that the water system, in Water District #3, has elevated TTHM’s which need to be reduced; and

WHEREAS, the Town of Ulysses has approval from the Tompkins County Health Department to install a TTHM removal system in the water tank for Water District #3 as an acceptable mitigation measure; and  

WHEREAS, the Town of Ulysses has been notified of the receipt of a grant up to the amount of 8,880.00 for the construction of the TTHM removal project and the Town has entered into a grant agreement with the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation, project number 18217, for the above noted grant; and

WHEREAS, The Town of Ulysses received publicly advertised bids for the above noted project on June 19, 2020; followed thereafter with a Bid Summary letter from the Engineer, MRB Group, identifying the lowest qualified bidders with complete bid submissions, and

WHEREAS, The Town has reviewed the bids and the bids were within the authorized project budget amounts and that the Town has an interest in awarding the contracts to continue to complete construction of the TTHM Removal Project;

RESOLVED that the Town Board of Ulysses acting on behalf of the Water District #3 hereby approves and authorizes the award of contracts for the project as follows: 
Contract #1 – General to Gerwitz & MacNeil Electric in the amount of 2,583.00 and be it
FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Town board approves the authorization of the Alternate Bid #1 for ,790.00 for a Chlorine Analyzer #1 in Ulysses Water Storage Tank and Alternate Bid #2 for ,836.00 for a Chlorine Analyzer at the Woolf Lane Booster Pump Station the costs for which are not included in the awarded contract noted above; and therefore,

FURTHER Resolved, that the Town Board authorizes the award of contracts for the project to include the Base Bid plus both alternatives, as follows:
Contract #1 – General to Gerwitz & MacNeil for a total of 4,209.00; and be it
FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Town Supervisor is hereby authorized to execute the contracts hereby approved and to take such steps and to execute such further documents as may be necessary, desirable, and/or appropriate to effectuate the purpose and intent of the foregoing resolutions.

Vote: 5-0
Date Adopted: 6/23/2020