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Special Town Board Mtg on Proposed Route 89 Water District- 7pm

May 30, 2018

The Town Board, along with residents of Route 89, will meet to hear an engineering report on a proposed water district in that area. This is the only item on the agenda.

At the request of some residents along Route 89, the Town Board authorized the engineers for the
town to provide a preliminary estimate of the costs involved to create a municipal water district. Two district boundaries are being considered:
  1. all properties on the east side of Route 89 from the Town of Ithaca line to the Cayuga Nature Center,
  2. all properties on the east side of Route 89 from the Town of Ithaca line to Taughannock Park.
This preliminary information will be presented by the engineering firm, MRB on:
     Wednesday, May 30th at 7:00 p.m.
      Franziska Racker Centers, 3226 Wilkins Rd
The Town’s Engineers at MRB will provide information about how a water district is formed, the process needed to determine municipal water costs, and details about how individual houses would be connected.
The process to create a water district involves many steps. Because of the nature of the location along Route 89 with the steep slopes and shallow soils, user costs in this district are expected to be high. To calculate those costs, several studies are likely needed to develop an official Map, Plan, and Report (MPR)—a required engineer-stamped document that identifies the proposed areas for the water district, as well as the anticipated costs.
Forming a water district along Route 89 will be expensive. Even the studies needed for the MPR are likely to be very costly. If a water district is formed, all expenses associated with creating the district are paid for by residents within the district. However, if the district is not formed, all the town taxpayers will absorb the expense of the studies, so the Town Board needs to carefully consider the likelihood of the district formation. In order to gauge interest, please fill out the attached questionnaire that will give the town an indication of how much you are willing to pay for municipal water should a district be formed.
If the Town Board decides to commission the MPR, residents within the district will then be able to review the MPR information, and weigh in by petition on the decision as to whether or not to proceed in creating the district. Owners of properties equaling more than half the total assessed value of all theproperties in the district need to sign the petition in order for the municipal water district to be formed.
Please come to hear more about this potential project, express your interest or concerns, and have your questions answered.