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2021 Town of Ulysses Tentative Budget

The Ulysses Town Board is currently reviewing the 2021 Tentative Budget submitted by Supervisor Nancy Zahler and Budget Officer Michelle E. Wright at several special meetings this month (October).
Once the Town Board completes their review and makes any changes, the budget moves from Tentative to Preliminary. The Preliminary Budget must go to Public Hearing (and then may be amended again by the board) before it gets voted to become the Final Budget.
Budget review sessions are open to the public and will be held via Zoom videoconference on the following dates:
  • Oct 1st at 8:00AM
  • Oct 13th as part of the Town Board meeting at 7:00pm
  • Oct. 15 at 8:00AM
  • Oct. 19th at 8:00AM
Join the meetings here:
Meeting ID: 183 862 745
One tap mobile +16465588656,,183862745# US (New York)
Budget Overview:
The budget reduces spending to offset anticipated losses in revenue while maintaining core services without layoffs.  The proposed budget reflects increases for code/zoning enforcement; several changes to improve efficiency in Planning, Zoning & Code Enforcement, Highway, and Water District operation; and a proposed 1% salary increase for employees.
The median home value in the Town, outside the Village, as calculated by the US Census in 2019 is 6,000.  The proposed tax on a home valued at 6,000 before Town Board review, would be 3.12, or 1.25% less than the 2020 tax levy on the home of the same value.  
The numbers at a glance below, BEFORE Town Board Review are subject to change in the Preliminary Budget to be presented to the public at a public hearing. The following tax rate and levy increase are likely to change after the Town Board’s review and public input.
2021 SPENDING, before Town Board review, 2,108 or    - 8.3%           
2021 INCOME from non-property taxes: 6,155 or          -11.24%          
2021 Taxable assessed VALUE Town & Vill.  ,791,930 or  +1.67%           
2021 Town (not Vill) TAX RATE, before TB review, 2.60% or  -1.25%         
2021 NYS TAX LEVY LIMIT allows up ,258 increase or   +3.1050%                             
2021 PROPOSED TAX LEVY BEFORE TB Review ,489,958 or  + 2.22%     
2021 TAX on median home in Town (not Vill) 6,000  =        3.12