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Local Law 1 of 2020: Zoning Amendment for Lakeshore and Conservation Zones

On Tuesday, August 11th, after a public hearing, the Ulysses Town Board adopted proposed changes to the Lakeshore and Conservation zoning.  The recently adopted limit of a 2000 sq ft building footprint in both zones was increased to 3500 sq feet and new measures to protect the steep slopes and unique natural areas in both zones were added for development that requires site plan review.  
A definition of building footprint was also added and the number of principal buildings was reduced from two to one. This change was made to be consistent with a change made in 2019 in all other zones when accessory dwelling units of 1200 sq ft of usable space were added as another residential option throughout the Town.
The changes in the zoning law will take effect after the changes are filed with the NYS Secretary of State.  The draft of the changes adopted can be viewed.  Clean copies of the zoning amendment are available on request.
View the draft amendments here:
2020-07-15 clean copy
2020-07-15 with changes shown