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Cemetery Road Bridge Project

The Town of Ulysses received a grant to rebuild the Cemetery Road bridge. Construction began in July and is scheduled to conclude by November.
The project is being progressed under the BridgeNY Program as Project Identification Number (PIN 3756.59) by the Town of Ulysses, the New York State Department of Transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  

The Cemetery Road Bridge along with the intersection of Lake Street and Cemetery Road is currently closed to both foot and vehicle traffic.  Please note that demolition of the current structure will be noisy and the construction company has indicated that their normal working hours will be 7am – 4pm, Monday through Friday.  Given the nature of this sort of project, please be aware that there may be instances in which they are working outside of their typical working hours listed above.
Thank you for your patience with the construction noise and detour, we are hoping you join us in looking forward to a new, beautiful bridge. If you would like to be placed on an email list specific to this project, please send an email to michelle@ulysses.ny.us 

The Cemetery Road bridge is owned and maintained by Tompkins County, located on a street owned by the Village of Trumansburg, with partial project funding by a BRIDGE-NY grant being administered by the Town of Ulysses. 

3/2/20 information meeting brochure here

Questions about this project should be directed to Michelle E. Wright, Second Deputy Supervisor, via email at michelle@ulysses.ny.us