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Mark Washburn, Code Enforcement Officer
Please call ahead for an appointment
E-mail: code@ulysses.ny.us
Phone: 607-387-9778, ext. 231
Lucas Albertsman, Fire Inspector
Hours:  Tuesday & Thursday; 5pm-8pm, Saturdays by appointment
E-mail: ulysses.fireinspector@gmail.com
Phone: 387-5767 ext. 229

John Zepko, Interim Planner
Please call ahead for an appointment 
E-mail: ulysses.planner@gmail.com
Phone: 387-9778 ext. 222


Link to Building & Zoning forms here

List of Building and Code Fees and Penalties

While not proposed zoning, the Town has also adopted an Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan. This plan is intended to be a guide to future zoning changes that can help preserve farmland and encourage a productive and profitable farming community. It can be found at http://www.ulysses.ny.us/pdf/AFPP-FINAL_ADOPTED_02-26-13-with_MAPS.pdf.


Town of Ulysses Zoning Law

pdf of Zoning (current January 2021)

Zoning map

Unique Natural Areas and Slopes Map

Regulations and Laws - Read more about zoning and code enforcement laws and regulations in the Town of Ulysses



For a two-lot subdivision or boundary line change that meets the zoning requirements, please deliver 5-6 signed/stamped surveys, $50 application fee (check made out to Town of Ulysses), and completed application form

You may be able to schedule a time to meet with the zoning officer in order for the surveys to be signed while you wait.
After signing the subdivision maps, the Town retains one of the surveys, and you are responsible for filing with Tompkins County. The first stop is at the County Assessment Department (128 E Buffalo St) for their review and stamp, followed by a stop at the County Clerk (320 N Tioga St) for official recording. The signed surveys must be filed within 62 days of the Town's signing date.
NOTE:  Unless you are absolutely sure that the simple subdivision or boundary line change meets all zoning requirements, it is highly recommended that you check with the Zoning Officer prior to going to the expense of having your surveyor sign and stamp multiple surveys.