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Board of Zoning Appeals Mtg. 7pm - INCLUDES TWO PUBLIC HEARINGS

December 18, 2019

  1. Public Hearing Appeal by David and Beth Wilcox, for an area variance from Section 212-40 E.  (Front Setback Requirement of the R1 zone), of the Town of Ulysses Zoning Law, for the purpose of permitting an addition 41 feet from the Northern property line where 50 feet is the required front yard setback.  The property is located at 3489 Jacksonville Road, Tax Map # 35.-2-3
  1. Public Hearing continued: (This is a modification from an earlier appeal that was tabled in November of 2018). An appeal by David and Denise Kooperman for three area variances under Section 212-40, Lot Area and Yard Requirements of the R1 District and Section 212-130.A – Standard for Flag Lots, of the Town of Ulysses Zoning Law, for the purpose of subdividing a Flag Lot at the property located at 5288 Curry Road, Town of Ulysses, Tax Parcel Number 12.-1-13.2.  The property is located in the R1 Zone.  The applicant is seeking the following variances:
  • Relief sought from §212-130.A  to create a flag lot with 32.83 feet of frontage, where 50 feet of frontage is required. 
  • Relief sought from §212-40.C  to permit the frontage on the parent lot to be reduced to approximately 233.99’, where 250’ is required.  
  • Relief sought from §212-40.B to reduce the minimum lot size from 2 acres to 1.14 acres for parcel “A”.