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Seeking Contracting Bids for Old Church in Jacksonville- DUE 8/8/17

The Town of Ulysses is seeking bids for basic improvements to the historic building at 5020 Jacksonville Road.  Contractors will need to provide their own equipment and supplies and to remove all waste. Bidders are welcome to visit the exterior of the site before submitting a bid and a tour of the inside may be arranged. Please contact Deputy Supervisor Nancy Zahler at (607) 279-4792 or nzahler.ulysses@gmail.com  if you would like to participate. Photographs of the roof and interior are available from Deputy Supervisor Zahler on request. Please contact the Town Code Enforcement Officer at (607)387-9778, ext.231; or Deputy Supervisor Zahler with any questions.
Duties/information:  You may bid on one or more components.  Please itemize your bid by component and provide contact information, including phone number, and 3 references, by 4:00pm on 8/8/17.
Component 1:  Roof Repair & Screen foundation
  1. Patch the hole in the standing seam metal roof near the chimney with like materials.
  2. To prevent rodent intrusion, affix either 1/4" galvanized hardware cloth or galvanized diamond mesh from sill to 4" below grade around the foundation of the building.  Wire together any joints in material used.
  3. Avoid disturbing roof caulking containing asbestos.
 Component 2:   Clean interior debris
  1. Remove all waste from the floors of interior rooms.
  2. Vacuum the interior to prepare it for sales showings.
 Component 3:  Remove interior asbestos tile & adhesive
  1. Remove and dispose of all asbestos containing tile and adhesive from bathroom. Refer to report available from the Deputy Supervisor Nancy Zahler at (607) 279-4792 or nzahler.ulysses@gmail.com .
  2. Contractor must be NYSDOL certified abatement contractor using approved methods.
1) If your bid is 00 or more and you have employees, this job is subject to a Prevailing Wage.
 Please visit the following link for more information:
NYS Department of Labor Prevailing Wage Guidance  OR
2) As a condition for entering into this Agreement, the Contractor shall provide to the Town of Ulysses either proof that the Contractor provides the levels of workers’ compensation and disability coverage required by the State of New York or that the Contractor is not required to provide such coverage by submitting Form CE-200, “Application for Certificate of Attestation of Exemption”. 
 INCLUDE with your bid
  • at least 3 references
  • hourly rate(s)  
  • estimated time & expenses per component and timeframe for completion
 SUBMIT bids no later than 4:00pm on 8/8/17  via one of the following: 
  • by e-mail  to clerk@ulysses.ny.us 
  • mailed to the clerk’s office at the Town Hall (10 Elm Street, Trumansburg NY 14886) 
  • delivered in person to the Clerk’s office