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SOLD! Historic Old Church in Jacksonville (Subject to Permissive Referendum)

UPDATE 3/29/18:
The Ithaca voice wrote an article about this.
View it here: https://ithacavoice.com/2018/03/jacksonville-church-gets-welcome-revival/

UPDATE 3/14/18:
The church has been sold!
The Town Board reviewed 4 offers and scored them.
See anonymous offers and Town Board scores here.
View the selected buyer's purchase contract here.
Link to Town board resolution authorizing the sale here.
Please note: This transaction is subject to a permissive referendum. (See details in the link above).
UPDATE 2/14/18:
The sale price has been reduced to ,500.
The sale price has been reduced to 59,500 and there is no longer a deadline for offers. 

The church is officially for sale! 

Closing documents signed. All documents have been signed and the property officially belongs to the Town of Ulysses.

Contracts signed. The Town has entered into a contract with Exxon Mobil to purchase three parcels of land in Jacksonville from Exxon Mobil for a total price of 5,000. Documents required for the real estate closing are being reviewed by the Town's attorney.

Contract of Sale
Realtor Needed. The Town is seeking a realtor to market the Old Church and adjacent parcel on behalf of the Town.  Licensed realtors are invited to submit a letter of interest by July 10th

Request for Qualifications: Real Estate Salesperson or Broker to sell historic "Old Church"

Contractor(s) will be needed. Once the Town takes ownership, it will be soliciting bids from contractors to perform minimal repairs to prepare the building for re-sale.
Check back for more updates.
UPDATE 4/19/17
34 people attended a Public Information Session on April 18th, raised good questions, expressed support for the proposal and concerns about Town spending to make basic repairs on the old church to prepare it for re-sale, as well as pros and cons of using the open lot at 1853 Trumansburg Road.
After responding to questions and listening to community feedback, the Town Board voted unanimously to approve the resolution, listed on this page, to authorize the purchase of 3 properties from the current owner, Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation for a purchase price of ,001.

Additional information is available via links below and relevant documents are also available to review in the Clerk’s office at the Town Hall.

Related documents & information:
4/18/17 PowerPoint Presentation on Proposal to Purchase Properties in Jacksonville

Maps of parcels under consideration:
Tax map parcels
Sales Flyer with Parcels Highlighted

Bargain and Sale Deed

Town of Ulysses Resolution to Authorize the Purchase of Property from Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation

State Environmental Quality Review Documents:
            SEQR Part 1
            SEQR Parts 2 & 3
            Resolution:  SEQR Determination for land acquisition of three Jacksonville properties

Environmental and Due Diligence Reports
  1. Phase I Environmental Assessment conducted by Town of Ulysses with independent environmental consultant GeoLogic, 2016  Narrative Report. NOTE:  Appendices referred to in the report are available in hard copy only at the Town Clerk’s office.
  2. Closure Work Plan / Results of Waterline Soil Sampling Report, Former Mobil Service Station 17-N1D, Trumansburg Road, Jacksonville, New York, dated March 16, 2004, completed by Groundwater and Environmental Services, Inc.
  3. Site Monitoring Report, Former Mobil Service Station 17-NID, Trumansburg Road, Jacksonville, New York, dated May 14, 2004, completed by Groundwater and Environmental Services, Inc.
  4.  Subsurface Investigation Summary Reports, Former Mobil Service Station #01-N1D, Offsite Parcels, Trumansburg and Jacksonville Roads, Jacksonville, New York, dated November 25, 2014 completed by Groundwater and Environmental Services, Inc. 
  5. Asbestos Survey and Limited Hazardous Materials Assessment Report related to the Former Grange Hall located at 5020 Jacksonville Road, Trumansburg, New York 14886 dated June 2016 prepared by New York Environmental Technologies, Inc.
  6.  Email exchange with New York State Department of Health RE: safe redevelopment of Exxon Mobil properties.
Newspaper articles of gas spill, clean up and water district, compiled by Jacksonville resident Diane Hillmann